About the project

Billion Systems - a family of software products for VoIP-communications, created by ProfInfoTech, international software development company.

Billion Systems includes the following products:

  • Billion Softswitch - VoIP proxy-server with SIP & H.323 support, intended for VoIP traffic transit. It's live since 2005!
  • Billion PBX - software IP-PBX with SIP support, enabling new generation communications networks for small and medium enterprises. It's live since 2009!

Billion Systems products encapsulate several open source library implementing SIP & H323 protocol stacks as well as some basic functionality. It's important to know that Billion Softswitch and Billion PBX are not an adoptation of popular open source software products but unique products developed by ProfInfoTech.

Despite the significant user interface similarity, Billion Softswitch and Billion PBX are completely different products, both by architecture and by functional purpose.

Here are several examples:

  • Billion Softswitch is a transit server converting calls between SIP and H323 while Billion PBX mostly intended to work with SIP protocol.
  • Billion Softswitch allows to avoid media stream proxying that improves its throughput while Billion PBX always proxies media streams having more control on them.
  • Billion PBX can manage separate call legs, providing such funcitonality as call hold, call transfer and others. Billion Softswitch performs the transit of a call as a whole unit.
  • Billion PBX contains fully-functional IVR system allowing to use custom scripts written on XML-based programming language. Billion Softswitch uses IVR system only for playing back some messages during the call transit.
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