Billion Softswitch

Transit VoIP proxy-server with SIP and H.323 protocols support


Billion Softswitch is an innovative transit proxy server developed by ProfInfoTech to simplify business activity in the telecom market. It is a special software server designed to manage softswitch VoIP networks based on SIP softswitch and H.323 gatekeeper.

Billion Softswitch improves VoIP network with the help of advanced call routing features and embedded compact billing system. Subscribers’ registration and call routing are based on SIP and H.323 protocols. The transit proxy server also ensures SIP H.323 conversion. The software supports integration with external routing and billing servers through RADIUS protocol, while JDBC protocol is used to connect with external database servers. Billion Softswitch maintains call lists (Call Data Record) and supports NAT traversal. The transit proxy server can successfully process up to 1024 simultaneous calls.

Billion Softswitch software supports Microsoft Windows and Linux. Installation and initial configuration of Billion Softswitch are performed in accordance with customer’s requirements with easy setting up process.

Download free unregistered version of Billion Softswitch

Unregistered version is fully functional with the limitation of up to 2 concurrent calls no longer than 5 minutes.

Key features

Call routing

  • Support of H.323
  • Support of SIP
  • Signalling conversion between SIP and H.323
  • Capability of working both with or without media proxying
  • Routing based on A- or B- numbers
  • Faulty route bypassing
  • LCR-routing (using embedded billing system)
  • Control of the concurrent calls number on the route
  • A- and -B numbers modifications (working with tech-prefixes)
  • Flexible route parameters management (for example, codecs list or DTMF-method modification etc.)
  • Active call list view with the interrupt option
  • Working with gateways that do not support standard ports (1719 for RAS and 1720 H.323 signalling or 5060 for SIP)


  • RAS registration (gatekeeper)
  • SIP Registrar
  • Registration status control
  • Subscriber registration at upstream servers (passthrough registration)
  • Self-registration at upstreams

Incoming calls management

  • Authorization and authentication based on ip-address, username/login/password
  • Integration with external billing systems using RADIUS protocol
  • Control of Q.931 end reasons return
  • Control of the concurrent calls number per originator


  • Creation of CDR-files with a given frequency
  • Informative CDR files (more than 30 fields)
  • Failed calls data output to CDR files
  • CDR-based report generator
  • Embedded failover mechanism

Embedded billing

  • List of customers and their balances
  • List of rate plans
  • Rate plans for purchasing and selling
  • Balance control at call authorization (prepaid)

Integration with external billing systems

  • RADIUS-based authorization and authentication
  • Transfer of data about current calls to RADIUS billing system with a given frequency
  • Possibility to build a prepaid system with external billing
  • Flexible customization of authorization parameters (ip-address, username, login, password)


  • Nat-based software support
  • UDP hole punching
  • STUN-client
  • Session border controller functions


  • Service messages playback
  • Open XML-based IVR script language
  • The mechanism of figures spelling (for English and Russian languages)

Fax support (T.38)

  • T.38
  • T.120


  • Web-interface
  • Remote configuration
  • Control of availabiility, workload and consumed resources
  • Configuration backup/restore
  • Log-file with controlled level of details
  • Route quality control
  • Option to keep configuration in an external JDBC-database

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux

Technical requirements

  • up tp 500 concurrent calls: Intel Core i3, RAM 2 Gb, HDD 50 Gb
  • 500 - 1000 concurrent calls: Intel Core i5, RAM 4 Gb, HDD 100 Gb
  • more than 1000 concurrent calls: Intel Core i7, RAM 8 Gb, HDD 150 Gb


Technical support

Free technical support

Free technical support is available for all users of registered version and includes the following:

  • Software update in the scope of major version, for example, 2.х or 3.х.
  • Problem analysis in case of complete system failure

Paid technical support

Extended technical support includes additional services:

  • User guidance about the system functionality by phone or email
  • High priority requests
  • Help in configuring Billion Softswitch
  • Configuration analysis using remote connection
  • Help with endpoints and partners connection
  • Compatibility problems solving (Best Effort Service)
  • Log files analysis

Price of paid technical support is 20% of perpetual license price per year.

Initial Billion Softswitch installation and configuration

Our specialists can make a remote installation of Billion Softswitch to customers' computer and perform initial configuration according to the requirements. We need to know:

  • Ip-address, login, password and protocol for remote connection,
  • Description of system parameters that should be included into Billion Softswitch configuration (partners IP-addresses, prefixes, numbers etc.)

The price of Initial installation and configuration is $ 175

Order initial Billion Softswitch installation and configuration!

Download Billion Softswitch!

Version: 3.1-212

Platform: Windows 64-bit

File: bss_windows_en-3.1-212.x64.msi

Version: 3.1-212

Platform: Linux 64-бит (rpm)

File: bss_linux-3.1-212.x86_64.rpm

Buy Billion Softswitch!

The price of Billion Softswitch license depends on the number of concurrent calls passing through it. You can choose the proper license package now and make an upgrade later paying only the difference.

We also offer the subscription for Billion Softswitch. In that case you are paying on a monthly basis for the monthly license key. This approach helps you to lower the risks and the volume of investments. Subscription also includes technical support.

You can buy the license online from our partner They accept banking cards, PayPal and WebMoney. You will receive the license key by email after payment.

4 concurrent calls

Permanent license:



per month
8 concurrent calls

Permanent license:



per month
16 concurrent calls

Permanent license:



per month
32 concurrent calls

Permanent license:



per month
64 concurrent calls

Permanent license:
$1 789

$1 789


per month
128 concurrent calls

Permanent license:
$3 091

$3 091


per month
256 concurrent calls

Permanent license:
$5 963

$5 963


per month
512 concurrent calls

Permanent license:
$11 130

$11 130


$1 113
per month
1024 concurrent calls

Permanent license:
$19 081

$19 081


$1 908
per month

You can use Billion Softswitch to process more than 1024 concurrent calls. Please coontact us to discuss an individual order.

We will be happy to answer your questions by email:  or by phone: +3726028424.

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